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Does your disinfecting process kill the coronavirus?

Our cleaning process kills a variety of viruses and bacteria including coronavirus. The chemicals and processes used have been proven effective against human coronavirus as well as other viruses and bacteria. There have been no proper clinical or scientific studies that have been conducted on the new strain, COVID-19 to determine the effectiveness of these chemicals and processes. However, these chemicals and processes have been proven effective against the SARS coronavirus, which is almost identical to COVID-19.

Is it safe to be in the facility while its being disinfected?

During our disinfection process, all areas in buildings will be required to be vacant for a period of at least three days, and all living organisms (plants or animals) are required to be removed.

Do you have any non-chemical options for disinfecting?

We have chemical and non-chemical processes that we use for disinfecting homes and facilities. 

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